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Are you having technical issues with your gadget? Bring it to Max Repair Plus where we use our technical mastery to repair or recover your iPhone, iPad and iPods. You can expect fast phone screen, back cover and battery replacement service, we know your devices can play a major role in your daily activities so we aim to get them back to you quickly. You get affordable tablet charge port, camera and home button replacement service, let us help you get your tablet back into the rotation. The reason we can offer such cheap prices is because we have many years of experience which allows us perform expert repairs in half the time it takes other shops.


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IPhone Repair

IPhone Repair

iPhone repair is a tedious task with all the safeguards put in place to prevent the average Joe from getting inside these devices. Our shops has the best tools available to take the error out of repairs from replacing cracked iPhone screens to faulty Galaxy batteries.

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iPad Repair

iPad Repair

Headphone jack acting up or a depressed push button? Whatever the problem may be don’t hesitate to contact us, we handle your job requests in a timely manner and in the order it’s received. Most devices are fixed within a few hours of us receiving them, speed is our creed.

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

We are well aware that sometimes your data may be more valuable to you than the device itself.  Our techs will spare no effort when your data is at stake and with a long history of good results we can help you even if another shop (or Apple themselves) has told you it is hopeless.

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There is only one Max Repair Plus

Rest assure there’s no problem we haven’t seen before, from smartphones that have taken a dive in the family pool, to iPads that have been dropped out of windows from high distances.  

Every Max Repair Plus technician takes supplemental training when a new technology comes out, we believe the best way to prepare for any situation is to maintain a company culture that promotes continuing education.

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Frequently asked Questions

How long will my device take to repair?

From receipt of your device until we get it on our workbench, common repairs are undertaken within 3 hours with availability of parts. While we do keep most spare parts on hand, for repairs where we need to order parts turnaround time is routinely 5-7 business days.

Will my data be lost in this repair?

We make every effort to leave your data intact during our repairs, unless it’s necessary to remove as part of the repair. Logic board or software repairs could cause data loss, so send us a message to let us know if your data is particularly important.

What kind of parts do you use for repairs?

Max Repair Plus will use %100 genuine parts from our suppliers when available. If the original parts are not available we will contact the same factories that produce parts to source their OEM parts which are highly comparable to the original parts.


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