In 2016

Founded Max Repair Plus Company

Max Repair Plus was founded in 2016 in Brooklyn, New York, by Jamal Solver. Jamal already had a long successful history working in the electronics repair industry in the past and realized the only way to provide quality repairs is to invest the time it takes to perform proper repairs. No other company invest the time and hard work it take to perform the safety protocols that guarantee quality work. He created this company so consumers can have a household brand synonymous with great electronic repair service.


We are here to help you

Max Repair Plus has cultivated relationships in the electronic repair industry in order to acquire the tools and skills it takes to become a one stop solution. Devices are handled in a sanitary, secure and professional ways from the moment we receive your gadget. There is only one Max Repair Plus, we have specialty repair solutions that are offered no other place, so go to our repair page and browse the affordable services that only we can provide you.

Max Repair Plus believes in the simple truth that hard work and dedication produces growth and success.

Jamal Solver – CEO talk about the early days of Max Repair Plus

Our shop promotes recycling and donates to Green Charities. Make a difference protect our planet.